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Monday, June 15, 2009

Alive and Kicking

Hey Guys!

I just wanted to send out another update so you know I'm still alive and kicking... :o)

The movers finally arrived with our stuff on May 5th, so we spent just over two weeks living out here on an air mattress in an empty apartment. It was pretty hard actually and when we finally got our real bed set up I collapsed on it and actually cried tears of relief... It was kinda boring the first two weeks without all our stuff really... All we could do for entertainment was go out to eat and walk around. We were much happier when our bed, couch, and all our sporting equipment arrived...

From Wild Basin Hike

The weather here's been really crazy so far... There's so much variation during the week. Some days it's a comfortable warm sunny day, other days are blazing hot and I'm told it will get much hotter in summer, but many days it's been cold and unusually rainy. We've also had some super windy days (warm and cold) and one day I drove right through the middle of a mini-dirt-tornado that formed right in front of me on the road (brown out for 3 seconds)! There's also plenty of thunderstorms as they tend to form over the Rockies and roll our way... Last week I was standing outside watching a storm from work and I saw more lightning in those 10 mins than I've seen in my entire lifetime!

Overall it has been a simple and comfortable life out here... Steven and I have been watching movies like crazy to make up for our lack of social lives... :o) The apartment complex has a movie library, so it's super easy, and free! We also went to see Star Trek, at the only Longmont movie theater, on the opening weekend. Steven was so worried about it being sold-out that we showed up over an hour ahead to time to buy tickets. When the movie started, the theater was only half full. That's how small Longmont is... [The Star Trek movie was AWESOME]

From Wild Basin Hike

Cycling has been going really well for Steven. He loves it! The roads have wide shoulders and/or cycling lanes, there's very little traffic, and we live right by the countryside so he can extend his ride out to visit many a cow... I've been learning to mountain bike on my new Kona Cinder Cone in my new clip-in shoes! It's pretty scary stuff sometimes, with catus plants growing on the side of the trail, but I'm determined to join Steven on his quest to mountain bike Moab so I've gotta just suck it up and train. I'm going play ultimate this summer in the Boulder league which starts next week. It's great because everyone signs up as an individual, fills out a survey about their skill level, and then the league holds a draft with volunteer captains to form the teams... Hopefully it'll be a good opportunity for me to make some friends out here!

So it seems like I'm not a very good blogger... I suspected as much, but luckily, Steven is better at that sort of stuff, so I'm just going to point you to his blog... I did manage to put some pictures up on Picasa though! Here are the links...

Some pics on Picasa:

Steven's Blog (updated regularly):

That's it for now! Hope to see some of you Vancouver folk while I'm back for Annie's wedding in a couple weeks!



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