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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cycling in Longmont Colorado

I just had to write something quick about the road riding here. It's phenomenal. Compared to traffic snarled Vancouver with narrow roads, this place is something to write home about. No wonder so many pros train here.

So far I have just ridden short 1.5 hour rides close to Longmont. But I'll often ride for periods of 10 minutes and only see one car (and 30 cows). The shoulders are huge such that often riders are two abreast. If you want flats, you can ride for hours on winding farm roads past cows, horses, bison and deer. If you want hills you can ride West into the mountains up past red rocky canyons and gulches.

Admittedly I do miss my commute past English Bay and seeing the ocean views out to Horseshoe Bay... but that can wait.

The local mountain biking looks more rocky and sandy rather than wet and rooty. We just hiked up one of the local spots called Hall Ranch. Hopefully our mountain bikes will arrive soon.

All for now.

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