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Monday, May 25, 2009

Rocky Mountain National Park

From Rocky Mountain National Park - Loch Vale and Mills Lake

Less than an hour's drive to the trail head from our front door is one of America's best National Parks, Rocky Mountain National Park. On Sunday we had our first taster. We liked it so much, we bought a season pass. Here are pics from two lakes, Loch Vale and Mills Lake, both start from the Glacier Gorge trail head.

Even though much of the trail was covered in snow and the weather was pretty cold and wet, there were a surprisingly large number of people out. It thinned out a lot if you hiked more than 1/2 an hour, but it was still pretty busy on the rest of the trail. I can understand why people say to start hiking early.

From Rocky Mountain National Park - Loch Vale and Mills Lake

Also I noticed a lot of guys in camouflage hats and jackets. And not just the normal fashion camouflage that the back street boys wear, but the real hunting kind. I guess they're not allowed to hunt in the park, but I always feel a little apprehensive about hiking around guys with guns. I'm sure there are a lot of "hunting accidents" in these parts.

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