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Monday, June 15, 2009

Dark and Stormy

From lightning

Last night I awoke to the sound of a garbage truck emptying the dumpsters. Crazy, why was it doing this at 2AM. And the truck kept emptying them. About 5 in 5 minutes. It must be those cows next door up to no good.

Finally I got out of bed to check out what was going on. Another thunderstorm. We seem to be getting them two or three times a week out here. There have even been tornado funnel clouds spotted nearby.

Above is my attempt at actually trying to capture lightning on flash memory. Well atleast I managed to pull the trigger in time to get it. I think I need a tripod and remote to do it properly.

Hopefully our flight back to Vancouver tomorrow doesn't get postponed because of another storm.

As a reminder from Emlyn, to make a Dark and Stormy, you need gingerbeer, dark rum and a lime wedge or lime juice.


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